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Music: CD-player, Mp3, USB, radio.

Trunk capacity: 270 liters - 1 suitcase or bag 2-3.

Kia Rio 1.5 is a car with a manual transmission, with good dynamics and stability on the road. The 110 horsepower under the hood make the car excellent. There are no any problem with diesel, even with frosts of minus 25 degrees. Audio car system supports reading music from a flash drive or CD-drives, MP3 format. The car is reliable and with conservative design.

The difference of this generation Rio was the fact that it was created in the image of Hyundai Accent MC and designated size has exceeded the class "B". It should be noted that this generation Kia Rio was one of the first Korean car, which Euro NCAP test results received 4 stars, which makes this model a safe by European standards.

The sedan looks harmonious, has a small amount of luggage of 270 liters, which can go 2-3 1 suitcase or 1 travel bag. The salon was one of the best in the price range for the configuration and execution. The car has a modern, functional, high-quality plastic. The radio in the car is a modern, sound quality does not cause negative impressions, radio reception without interference. The air conditioning is powerful and you will not feel discomfort in the summer from the heat. The ground clearance is small. It is an excellent economy car, if you look at the consumption of fuel spent.

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