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Rent Nissan Note 

Technical specifications / equipment
Engine: 1600 sm3
Fuel consumption: 7 l per 100km
Fuel type: petrol
Gearbox type: Automatic
Air conditioning: yes
Number of seats: 5
Type of drive: front-wheel drive
Music: CD and radio
Volume of trunk: 280 l
Nissan Note

Music: CD + radio
CD + radio + MP3
CD + radio + DVD
We can complement emulator for USB, according to your requirement.
Steering: Left

It is the Japanese cars with a 1.5 liter engine and an automatic 4 stage transmission. The cars have different music equipment. Nissan Note presented in our fleet, not only in the basic version but also in the more expensive models (as Rider), which is characterized by the presence of the front, rear and side skirts, have a rear-view camera. The handbrake is presented as additional pedal. Some vehicles have a light and rain sensors, ie, windshield wipers or the light will turn on automatically. Sometimes a car called the Nissan Nota!

The trunk can have 1 big suitcase and 2 small bags optional or 2 medium-sized suitcases. The trunk of the car can be increased by removing the restrictor shelves.

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We use cruise control while driving
In most modern cars, which are not infringed on the package, there is a function of cruise control. Cruise control is a small autopilot in your car that facilitates long distance trips and helps in traffic on the track or in an urban area where there is no need for constant dialing or speed reset.

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