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Music: CD, DVD, MP3, speakers, radio.

Trunk capacity: 341 liters - 1 suitcase and 2 bags.

Seat Leon is the perfect vehicle not only in urban areas, but also on the track. The five-door car is visually transformed into a coupe because of windows lines. Dynamic exterior was continued in the interior with high quality materials. The car is very beautiful with a memorable appearance, has good corrosion protection (double galvanized). Stability and dynamics on the road make a great impression.

This car is very economy and in the combined cycle consumes less than 5.5 liters per 100 km. There is a start-stop function, so that the cars does not consume a lot of gasoline in a traffic jams.

The trunk is small. It is deep enough, that can cause some discomfort loading heavy items. The steering is friendly and responsive. The pedal pressure is sensitive. The car’s multimedia is excellent and modern. It has everything that you need and more, including a speakerphone, voice commands, and a bunch of other lotions. The sound is good. There is also a car convenient and intuitive multimedia control on the steering wheel

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