Music: CD player + MP3 + USB, radio, audio control on the steering wheel.

Trunk capacity: 211 liters - 2 bags.

A small nimble Suzuki Swift is very popular in our country. It is not the cheapest car in the class. A small Swift always been able stand out among the many competitors of the B-Class in exterior design, for which it was basically chosen by the female part of the drivers. Lean hatchback makes it clear that the car goes fast, maneuvering without problems and difficulties in urban traffic. It is convenient, when parking, in the eternal race for the parking spaces.

The interior design is more praise can: pleasant materials create a positive impression, sensitive steering wheel with audio control buttons (MP3, USB, radio), the assembly, all conveniently at hand. SWIFT’s trunk recalls the Mini, which can fit a couple of packages from the supermarket, but no more.

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We use cruise control while driving
In most modern cars, which are not infringed on the package, there is a function of cruise control. Cruise control is a small autopilot in your car that facilitates long distance trips and helps in traffic on the track or in an urban area where there is no need for constant dialing or speed reset.

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