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Rent Volkswagen Touareg 

Technical specifications / equipment
Engine: 3000 sm3
Fuel consumption: 7.5 l per 100km
Fuel type: diesel
Gearbox type: Automatic
Air conditioning: yes
Number of seats: 5
Type of drive: 4WD
Music: CD and radio
Volume of trunk: 580 l
Volkswagen Touareg

This car is very popular between our customers. It gathered all the pluses, but there are almost no minuses at all. What are the advantages of renting a Volkswagen Touareg:

  1. Diesel 3-liter engine with turbine
  2. Fuel economy - only 12 liters in the city, 8-9 on the highway and it's all-wheel drive
  3. Turbine in combination with horsepower gives excellent acceleration - there are 263 horsepower. For comparison, the Toyota Prado has 175 horsepower.
  4. The car is very dynamic
  5. Excellent interior trim and noise insulation - it's still the younger brother of Porsche Cayenne
  6. Nice driver’s panel
  7. 8-step automatic robotic gearbox with dual clutch, provides continuous gear shifting
  8. The car is not rammed, behaves on the road as an ordinary sedan, no rolls at corners and complete comfort

The disadvantages of this car:

  1. The lack of a frame - if you want to go hunting or on an eerie road, then this is a minus
  2. A comparatively small trunk as for an SUV, a pair of large suitcases and 4-5 small bags will be added in addition, but the trunk at Prado or Pajero is much larger.

Overview of the car Volkswagen Volkswagen Touareg

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