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How to order a car on-line without prepayment

In case you are going to pre-order a car without payment and you want to do it via web, please follow the procedure that set below. We give you all information with pictures.

1. Order a car from the main page. Choose a region, dates and time of receive and drop off the car

online order

2. Select the place, there you can see the office details, phone numbers, map, etc. Use a scroll to see all locations

make an order

3. Choose a car, select a currency, see the car details, also you can change dates and places of receive and drop off. There is set the final amount to pay, order detail for additional services and to know what kind of services are included. There you have to put your name, phone number and e-mail to order a car.

take a car

4. See details of order, what kind of services included and what you can order extra

car online

5. Click to choose the order without payment, agree with Contract offer, select the capcha, than click order button

rent online

6. Now you have made pre order and can see that order is made successfully, here you can pint voucher, see the details of order.

new site of RACE company
Visit our new web there we realize all nesessary information for you, including on-line payment
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If you decide to use the services of our company, pay attention to the accessories that you can order.

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