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Car rental car with GBP

We often get requests from clients about the possibility of use rental cars with the gas-balloon plant, that is, cars that use gas as fuel. There have been requests of this nature, "do you have a car rental on gas". We offer cars with gas installations (hereinafter GBP), a car, for example Daewoo Lanos uses movement in the track mode, about 7 liters of gas per 100 kilometers, the gas in 2 times cheaper than patrol, it turns out that of the order of 70 UAH per 100 km.

The cost of renting a car with GPB is comparable to the cost of a car running on patrol, and gas costs are much cheaper. To order this car, call our operators and verify the presence of the vehicle with GBP on your date. We will gladly provide you with fuel-efficient vehicles that will help you make the trip cheaper and more comfortable. It is possible that a car with GBP needs for your business, we also provide these vehicles for long term rent at your request, with the possibility of payment bank transfer to the bank account of our company.

Vehicles with GBP have the complete set of documents, the equipment is installed in compliance with all safety requirements in the car has all the documents and permits for GBP installed in the vehicle. You will not have any problems when moving in such a car.

Please contact any of our offices or by phone to our operators.

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