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Rent a car for 100 UAH per day

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If you are looking for a cheap service of in Ukraine, please contact us, we have created a new service, you pay not for a rent, but for each kilometer what have been used by car. If you move a lot on a car, but the car needs constantly: necessary to take the child, to pick up a wife or anything else, our service is right for you. You can go to the family and to stay there for a few days, the car will be used only to travel in one side and back. Why, then to pay for the rent, if it will not be used by you. The best option is to rent a car with payment for every kilometer.

The RACE company offers rental cars of economy class at a special price. You can order Daewoo Lanos at 100 UAH per day.

How to order?

To order a car requires we take a deposit - 15 000 UAH.

Payment for the rental car at the rate of 100 UAH a day - the minimum payment for the rental. And CDW insurance payment in the amount of UAH 50 per day. For 100 UAH per day you get 30 km of daily run, the rest of the mileage will be charged as 3 UAH for each kilometer.

For example, if you used the car only 50 km per day, the price you will pay 50 UAH + 100 UAH + 20 * 3 UAH = 210 UAH for rental per day, which is equal to $ 7 a day.

This service is very beneficial for many people, but if you want to ride a lot or no limit, then use the classic rental car with payment of rent.

The service is available in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, Kharkiv - the rest of the city upon request. The service is available by ordering a car at least before 3 hours of start rent. Rent a car with cost for each km we offer economy class cars - Daewoo Lanos.

To order, please contact our operators by phone + 38-067-522-6-555

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