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RACE car rental

The car rental company RACE is ready to offer you a variety of services. Our company was founded April 3, 2006 in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. At the time of establishment, we have been very small company that offer rental cars and consisted of one employee, the company's founder.

Brand RACE is officially registered and protected trademark, and copyright. RACE means "race", "contest". In the case of our company, the RACE is not only the direct meaning of the word - a race, a contest, but it is also an acronym that stands for "car rental company", in English - Rent A Car Enterprise.

Today, we have offices and representatives in different cities and countries, all offered service of car rental, in Batumi, Varna, Vinnitsa, Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk, Zaporozhzhya and Tbilisi, Kyiv and Kutaisi, Lugansk and Lviv, Prague, Sofia, Simferopol, Kharkov and Yalta.

Our fleet has reached an impressive size and range of services is also growing. We offer such services as:

  • Rent a car without a driver
  • Hire a car with a driver
  • Transfers
  • Operational and financial (with purchase) Car Leasing
  • The driver services outsourcing
  • Service Fleet Management
  • 24 hours support a day for our customers
  • Booking a car anywhere in the world

Prices for rental car depend on the brand of car (class cars), insurance coverage and the duration of the rent. Any price on car hire can be found by going to the appropriate region. You can calculate the price using an online calculator on order a car form.

Terms of rental cars have been and remain stable, we offer cars to everyone who has reached 21 years and has at least two years of driving experience. Be sure to have a passport and a driver's license when picking up the car.

Booking of your car can be done in any convenient way for you. We will take your order over the phone, via the website (online booking), chat (the order of the operator), on or Viber or WhatsApp.

We have developed the most convenient payment systems, ranging from cash, cashless payment and ending on-line payment by card, electronic money, transfer monry to the card. You can make payment for a car at your location or country, because we are present in different countries and regions.

Our contacts

tel. (+38) 067-644-6-555, (+995) 514-577-555, (+7) 978-112-9-221

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