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Volkswagen Tiguan 2013 petrol / Automatic
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 Rent a car in Georgia 

Check out our car hire in Georgia, according to your requirement, we will perform a service not only in these cities but also in smaller towns and villages of Georgia. City menu items are presented as introductory page about the service, attractions and features of a city. In each city, you can get the car in our office visit the page, at the airport or delivered to the address that you indicate. Order Form is presented only to the standard list of locations, if you want to receive or return the car in a different place, just email us
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Mazda 3 (1.5)
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Fortress Star, Kherson
One of the attractions of the city of Kherson, is the fortress Zvezda (star).
We use cruise control while driving
In most modern cars, which are not infringed on the package, there is a function of cruise control. Cruise control is a small autopilot in your car that facilitates long distance trips and helps in traffic on the track or in an urban area where there is no need for constant dialing or speed reset.

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