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new site of RACE company

Visit our new web there we realize all nesessary information for you, including on-line payment
2017-01-20   More details

Rent a car in Kharkov is filled with new car Skoda Fabia

New cars for hire in Kharkov came to the region. Order your Skoda Fabia car rental at the most competitive prices.
2017-01-18   More details

Happy New Year 2017 !!!

Congratulations to the 2017 year, with best wishes RACE car rental
2016-12-29   More details

Car rental price, is it expensive or cheap

Car rental services in Ukraine is one of the cheapest in the world today, it can be stated with confidence close to 100%. The price of the rental made from the cost of cars in the country, namely, how much is the new and second-hand car value, because rental companies buy new cars are sold it in 2-3 years after use.
2016-03-20   More details

Rental electric vehicles in Ukraine

More and more cars began to appear on electric motors in Ukraine, there are premium Tesla and Nissan Leaf and others. In gas stations is already possible free charging of a car to continue traveling. In Ukraine the electric cars are imported by gray dealers, that means the official Nissan cars LIF don’t supplies to the Ukrainian market, there is no representation of Tesla on the territory of Ukraine. According to the statistics of imports provided by the Ukrainian customs 90% imported electric cars were imported after traffic accidents, with injuries, after restored and put on sale.
2016-02-22   More details

Intensified car thieves. Steal even hamburgers!

Company RACE wants to warn you against possible losses. Over past few months is very active theft. This activity is observed in the thefts of the shops and offices, and in the theft of the cars. Thieves do not stop anything, even take small things and food, what seems as nonsense at all.
2016-01-03   More details

The new office in Tbilisi - Shartava str. 18

Arriving in Georgia, if we are the first time in the country, difficult to target areas immediately. Our new office, which opened in Tbilisi, is in convenient location, in the most central point of the city, in Shartava street 18.
2015-01-23   More details

International driving license

Is this necessarily and why? Everyone knows the term international driving license and everyone knows what is the essence of it, but when time comes for example to rent cars in Ukraine, not everyone understands why rental companies necessarily wants that it been presented. Most customers think that if his driving license is of a new model, the plastic means, it’s an international license, but it isn’t always like so.
2015-01-16   More details

Cars for rent in Gudauri

Georgia - a wonderful country with ancient culture and friendly people. It has always captivated by beauty, snow-capped mountains and mineral springs. Rest in the winter in Gudauri will left a deep impression. The magnificent landscape and mountain frost air creates a fantastic atmosphere. Skiing, sledding, snowboarding are perfect fit for outdoor enthusiasts.
2015-01-10   More details

Rent a car in Lviv Ukraine recommends that

How fast and profitable to get from Dnepropetrovsk to Lviv

2015-01-10   More details

See to a winter holiday in Ukraine

The winter are already in the street, the first snow has begun and hot period of the ski resorts of Ukraine has already started, it usually lasts from early December until March. Where to go this year? Usually you can go to the famous Bukovel and relax on one hundred percents, to plunge into the festive winter atmosphere and spend an unforgettable vacation, but the Carpathian Mountains offer a budget alternative in contrast with Bukovel.
2014-12-18   More details

Car rental in Crimea - car rental season is over

Car rental season in Crimea begins in April and ends in October. Many of our customers who have rented cars knew that the queue on cars was enough big and tried to book a car hire in advance. At the same time they save not only their time but also money. If you will decide to go on vacation in the Crimea next year, you can order a car in Simferopol and other cities now. The price on rent is unchanged from the day of pre-payment for a car. Our entire fleet will be renewed for the next season and you get new cars.
2014-10-31   More details

New tariffs for the car rental

The new tariff "weekdays". What could be better than the new promotion? Or the new depreciation of price. Today for our new and regular customers - the new tariff "weekdays".
2014-10-03   More details

How and where to park in Lviv

All our advices to park in Lviv city area
2014-09-18   More details

Car hire in Georgia: Batumi, Tbilisi

car rentals in Georgia, in Batumi, Tbilisi offers to all its clients the services of paid Parking.

2014-09-04   More details

Rest in Morshyn

rest in Morshyn the best place for your relax
2014-07-18   More details

Enjoy music while driving

All cars are equiped with MP3 players, enjoy music
2014-06-20   More details

Rent a car for 10 USD a day again

We renewed action for rent a car for 10 USD a day
2014-06-05   More details

Details of car rent conditions told to a customer

All details that we told to a customer about terms and rental conditions
2014-05-21   More details

Rent a car without collateral

If you are a short of money you can rent a car without a collateral
2014-05-20   More details
new site of RACE company
Visit our new web there we realize all nesessary information for you, including on-line payment
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