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Home / News / Rent a car , 2013-12-27

The Internet is full of questionsof cheap or not expensivecar rent.

Within the framework of loyalty,we have developed a special deal on a car rent for our dear customerscreating a " proper" car rentand avoiding poor service.            

Nature of the proposal is in the next - you get cars at a very attractive price , namely from 130 UAN per day , of course , depending on the class of car and the quantity of days . If you are not interested in long-term car rent and you need a car for exactly one day - take advantage of our hot offer. We are not cheating you; the most budget car will cost you 250 UAH per day. And for 4 days the price will be already 230 UAH per day.

Lots of you will immediately ask a question and tale that we are giving cars in bad condition, dead cars. We want to assure you, and those whoalready usedour service, know thisexactly,RACE simply do not have dead cars. All our cars are great. Then what is the essence and where is the profit –what is the reason to make the price lower - probably nobody takes cars in rent. NO. Our cars are taken in the rent.

For you to avoid these short-lived companies, we have specially developed and offered to you our autumn and winter period program for renting cars cheaply.

Now  have a look at rental fees when we offer for ShkodaOktavia A5 2012 or 2013 for 1 day for $ 75 , but elsewhere it costs $ 65 , but for one thing - they had car of 2007 or 2008, and the difference is only $ 10. Action Auto 2011 and 2010 we offer for the price (ex. Skoda Octavia A5) 450 UAH per day, as it is 55 U.S. dollars, is a more recent cars we rent even cheaper .The goal of our program is no dumping or killing someone. Our task is to provide car rental services in Ukraine at the proper level and at the right price , for those who really need a car as a budget vehicle. Promotional prices are valid in all regions of the presence of free cars. You can book a car at the same  day -  lots of cars are in stock .



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