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Car sales after rolling


Ladies and gentlemen, brand Rent A Car Enterprise is pleased to offer you a car for sale that have been used in rent. To your attention our cars, used 2 - 3 years of our clients and are offered for sale. All vehicles are in good condition, were a constant maintenance on our accredited by repair station. Cars sold in the configuration in

 which they were used as rental cars. To request a car for sale contact our managers through the link feedback. From the end of summer 2012, we can offer cars for sale the following cars:

1. Daewoo Lanos 2008 year, engine 1.5 g / helm with no air conditioning - mileage 90,000 miles, color - silver box - manual - Vehicle sold out

2. Daewoo Lanos 2009 year Engine 1.5, z / y without air conditioning - 80 000 km, color - beige, box - manual - Vehicle sold out

3. Chevrolet Latsetti, produced in 2007, and 1.6 g / y, steering, air conditioning, mileage - 75,000 miles, color - beige, box - Manual

4. Chevrolet Aveo, 2009 year, 1.5 g / y, air conditioning, automatic transmission, 3 door hatchback, color - red, mileage - 90000 km. - Vehicle sold out

5. Chevrolet Aveo 2008-2009 onwards., 1.5 g / y, air conditioning, automatic transmission, 5 door hatchback, color - blue, mileage - 90,000 miles

6. Honda Civic 2007 year, 1.8 g / y, automatic, climate, mileage - 90,000 miles, color - blue

7. Mitsubishi Lancer X, produced in 2007, 2.0, manual, climate control, silver - 80,000 miles - Vehicle sold

8. Toyota Prado 2007 year, 2.7, automatic, climate, silver, mileage - 105,000 km 



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