Car hire for legal entities, companies

RACE car rental offers you a long-term cooperation. Our programs work with entities allow you to work with us long. Every day, more and more legal persons, companies, firms use the services of an operating lease or rental car, rental cars for their employees, managers and clients. Contact the RACE, we will offer you the best and profitable cooperation program.Our programs include:

  1. Car use
  2. Full coverage
  3. Another vehicles in case of breakage
  4. Tires for the season
  5. The cost of maintenance
  6. Taxes and fees
  7. Technical inspection

Usability of entities rental cars is that all payments for rental cars can be attributed to gross expenditure, it is not necessary to:

  1. Conducting depreciation
  2. Staff maintenance mechanics
  3. Making service agreements with service stations
  4. Payment of vehicle tax and road tolls
  5. Selection of an insurance company
  6. The assignment of insurance benefits to costs and their accounting in the case of insurance claims

For businesses and long-term cooperation, we offer special prices, simply order our calculation rental rates according to your wishes and we will provide for you the most favorable price. Please contact us and we will work out a program for a car rental for you and your company, as well as tell you about all the benefits of working with us, and rental cars. 

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Rental of additional equipment
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