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If you are a guest of the wonderful city of Zaporizhzhya on the river Dnieper, or a citizen, or may be once you leave this wonderful city in search of your dreams or just heading South (sea side) suddenly your car was broken - in any case, you are always happy to see you in our rent a car in Zaporozhye.

 Rent a Car company - RACE in Zaporizhzhya will offer you a wide selection of car rental without a driver for a wide variety of cases. Referring to our Rent A Car Enterprise - we offer new cars with the best prices in Ukraine. Today in Zaporizhzhya working Free delivery service anywhere in the city, and a free drop off service for the vehicles at any time in the city.

 Using the services of car hire Zaporozhye with us you will undoubtedly be pleased to provide you with the service and attention. To take advantage of car rental, you just call +38-067-644-6-555, book a car and you will be given a car to the address at the appointed time with the whole package of documents necessary to travel throughout the territory of Ukraine.


Do not put off the trip - call right now. Just a few minutes and you will be feeling like a real motorist. You should not turn into a pedestrian in today"s rapidly changing world. Always be mobile - use car rental in our Rent A Car Enterprise Zaporozhye.   

Hire a car in Zaporizhzhya

The fast pace of life presents us with many challenges, which require mobile movement. If you have not yet managed to get a private car and you need a vehicle for a variety of purposes, then rent a car in Zaporizhzhya - just what you need to realize your ideas. Carrying car rental in Zaporozhye, you can be confident that the upcoming trip will leave nothing but good memories, fun and unforgettable aftertaste from the resulting comfort.

Diverse fleet

Rent A Car Enterprise fleet consists of huge numbers of different vehicles from economy till business class segment. The unifying feature of all the available units is their flawless technical condition and affordable prices for car rental in Zaporizhzhya. In RACE - Rent A Car Enterprise you can hire a car in Zaporozhye with as a personal driver, and without it. Especially this option is indispensable if you are going on a long journey or trip. It"s so nice to enjoy the trip and forget about stress, that somehow accompanies your journey, if you are driving a car. This will give you the pleasure of rent a car in Zaporozhzhya. Hire a car in Zaporizhzhya, as well as car hire in Donetsk and Lugansk car rental, gives you complete freedom of movement and comfort.

Car rental in Zaporozhye, as well as car hire in Dnepropetrovsk, can significantly save money. This is especially noticeable if you will be a long travel. Order a taxi in this case is not economically profitable. Car rental in Zaporizhzhya will cost you much less expensive. In addition, the technical condition of the taxi is often poor, which is not about cars, presented in our fleet. They are inspected daily by our experts, and the technical condition of vehicles meet all safety requirements. Car rental in Zaporozhie - a guarantee of your safety.

Express Checkout

If you want to book a car rental, contact our managers by phone at (+380) 67-644-6-555. You will be amazed how high the rate of arrival, and mobility in the supply of the vehicle. Therefore, car rental  - this great addition for those drivers who suddenly broke personal car, and no time to wait for it to repair. Carrying a car rental company in Zaporozhye Rent A Car Enterprise, you will not lose a single second of your precious time and arrive at your destination in time.

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