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Self service during rent a car. Ladies and gentlemen, RACE, car hire offers you a unique service comparable to European service. We offer Self Service Car rental in Dnepropetrovsk. May be you used Self Service in Car rental abroad. Now, it is already available in Dnepropetrovsk. What is Self Service and how to use it? With the Self Service you can receive and drop off rented car without help of the operator and our staff. You do not need to take or deliver the car to the office during working hours or pay for holidays or non-working time, for example when you need to get a car at 2 AM. All these issues are decided by our Self Service. In order to use this service - you need to deal our phone number and find out more about the Self Service, then order it. It's simple - the car will be at your disposal from the time that you choose. Self Service allows us to not introduce any additional payments for overtime staff, and makes the process of obtaining the car even faster for you.


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