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Brand Rent A Car Enterprise provides its clients with a shuttle service.

Trasfer - transportation of passengers from one place to another. Used in a meeting at the airport, Railway station.

Transfer - a service with a rigid payment - the transfer price laid value of the car wash, driver, fuel, unlimited expectations.

Our company is probably the only one in Ukraine, who understands the nature of the proposed service. You can meet a lot of proposals for transfers from different companies, but the most unpleasant thing comes when you start to communicate with them better.

Any carrier understands transfer so - arrived at the airport, took the men and drove to the hotel. In this case, carriers charge for this service 200 - 250 UAH. On the question of if we stayed with the luggage, delayed flight, delayed at customs - you will answer is very simple - pay a simple, even if the driver stood since arriving 1:00 and spent 40 minutes on your transfer to the hotel. None of the carriers is not to say that the 250 UAH laid down for 3 hours of work, if the wait 3 hours, and you waited 1 hour and 40 minutes you were going - is not longer than 2 hours, why do they ask for additional payment for 1 hour of downtime. This question bothers us too. By the way it is for this reason we can not work together with not one carrier, because our client"s interests are the first, and for 99% of the carriers - gain.

What is a transfer, as it should be done?

We can assure you that we do indeed transfer on a global level or can not run immediately reject the order, but will never include customer counter. Agree like a gangster attitude, as in the famous song, "but here there was a hustle and Sam began to bid up home prices."

Transfer is always a tough one price. The price includes unlimited expectation, whether for a day or a late flight for a year, the driver will be waiting for him, and thus the cost of payment does not change. The only condition is precisely the client"s arrival flight, and not others, that is not included in the trasfer, I was late for a flight and going through the day. We meet the specified flight and in case your flight delays, customs, searching for things - we"ll wait for you, but if you miss the plane yourself, sorry - here direct your fault.

Therefore the transfer with us - this is one price for all services: car, fuel, driver, car wash, unlimited expectations.

Transfer price is 200 UAH. from the airport to anywhere in the city.

If you need a specific dress code, the driver let us know in advance.
We are ready to provide any additional services required for the transfer and movement. Not only transportation, but also bodyguards, car maintenance, etc. 



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