Chery Amulet is a car from economy class with a manual gearbox and engine capacity of 1500 cm3. It has front-wheel drive. The car is great for family trips. The fuel consumption in the mixing mode is about 7 liters per hundred kilometers. The car is equipped with front and rear power windows, air conditioner, power steering, fog lights, head unit with USB and AUX. The car’s cabin is spacious and roomy, the trunk is one of the biggest in the class, it is 550 liters.

The Legend about the House with Chimaeras
Dark stories and legends about the House with Chimaeras and other interesting details about this building you will find out from this article
“Khortytsia” National Reserve
Everything about the main beauty and pride of Zaporizhia – “Khortytsia” national reserve, find out more why this reserve is so popular by following the link

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