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Frequently Asked Questions for rental cars

You can order a car:

  • 1. On the website with the help of order form
  • 2. With the help of the phone
  • 3. In online chat on the website
  • 4. By writing us a letter info@race.net.ua
  • 5. viber, WhatsApp, telegram;
  • 6. Facebook, Instagram

A booking with prepayment is in priority, especially in “high” season. You can make prepayment:

  • 1. In the office
  • 2. Online on the website
  • 3. Company`s bank account

You can get a specific car. The car class and gearbox are in priority, if such a special car is available for your dates, we will try to give it to you. If we cannot give you a car due to a technical reason, we will provide you with a similar one in class or we can raise the class, without any extra charges.

An unlimited number of drivers can drive a car. Every driver needs to give us a minimum documentation package: passport and driving license. The presence and signature of every driver is obligatory.

This option is provided FOR FREE!

Every car is insured with CDW and TPL (third party liability insurance, an obligatory insurance). For Georgia everything is the same – the insurance of life and health of the driver and the passenger is given extra without any charges. The above-mentioned insurances are included into car rental cost, if you want to have Super CDW – you can order it at our company. You can read about the extended insurance (without a deposit) in the section of car rental conditions.

If your tariff includes the car rental services with the deposit, so you have to leave a deposit because this is a deductible. Deductible amount will not be paid by the insurance company in case of an accident, that is why this sum will be covered by the deposit.

Yes, you can. When you order a car on the website, choose an option “without deposit” or tell the manager about such a wish when you receive a car.

All the payments are made in the national currency of the country where you receive a car (Ukraine –UAH, Georgia GEL). If you have USD, EUR, or other currency, ask our managers, they will help you to solve all the questions with an exchange of the money with the smallest problems by advising you a bank.

In summer – these are summer tires, in winter – the winter ones. We offer you a car with the tires according to a season. You can order the chains and studs as an option.

You must have driving experience for at least of two years. The driving experience is counted from the date when you got your driving license or from a date that is on the reverse side opposite from “B” category or below on the driving license if it was reissued. Under the driving experience we understand these very dates – it is a demand of the insurance company.

Any driving license, of any government is accepted. The driving license must be:

  • 1. Duplicated in Latin (it is often not duplicated in Latin in driving licenses of the citizens of the Arabian countries, China)
  • 2. “B” category (driving licenses of USA, Canada, Australia, United Arabian Emirates, some Arabian countries, other countries of South America does not have such a category)

If your driving license does not meet such requirements, additionally to the national driving, just bring your international one.

International driving license is a small book on 30 languages of the world, in fact it is a translation (adapter) of your driving license or a plastic license where “international driving license” is written.

Your driving license is also international if it contains a photo and is in Latin, but there are some countries who signed Convention about road traffic movement in 1949 (USA, Canada ,…), those who signed Vienna Convention in 1968 (Ukraine, Russia, the whole Europe) and those who did not sign a Convention at all (China). That is why there is such an adapter that is called “international driving license” (international driving permit) so that one signers understand the others.

There are many companies that offer such services, pay your attention on making terms. It will take from 1-2 days to 1 week – the payment depends from it. An average cost is 15 - 65 USD.

We do not make such licenses. In order to get international driving license you need to bring the copy of your national driving license, 2 photos and some money – that is all, no exams or tests.

You can use it! Except for the national driving license of your country, bring “International driving license” (or in other words International Driving Permit).

We never take documents as a deposit and never take them away from you. We just make copies from them, if you did not send us copies beforehand.

We return the deposit when you return the car except for the cases if you had an accident in the vehicle usage period.

The deposit is a deductible, in case of an accident and damage making to the car, this sum will not be paid by the insurance. There is an opportunity how to get a car without a deposit in car rental conditions.

If a deposit was blocked on the credit card – we unblocked it at the very same day. You got a check from the terminal about this or a transfer and acceptance act.

While blocking the money on the bank card, we have no access to it, your money is under control of your and our bank. Pay attention that VISA and MasterCard has terms of money return that means guaranteed terms that gives payment system (not we) on money charging, VISA – till 30 days, MasterCard till 15 days. As a rule, the deposit is returned in 30 minutes or in 2-3 workdays – it depends on your bank and the speed of transactional process.

If the money has not returned within 30 days, make an application to your bank about the money return, bring our check and an act (such cases still may happen, once every 2-3 years). You can also make an application not waiting for 30 days.

What happens next? Your bank gives ours an inquiry-ultimatum, our bank initiates an investigation and inquires all the checks and documents, the investigation will come to an end in no more than 30 days and if the money was charged from your account and did not get back – they will return, the banks strictly control this and do not permit questionable transactions.

We accept driving only in borders of the country where you received the car. We do not allow driving to depressed regions and occupied territories, territories where military operations are held.

In Ukraine driving to the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions, Autonomic Republic of Crimea is prohibited.

In Georgia driving to South Ossetia and Abkhazia is prohibited.

If the car breaks down, you have a phone number of round-the-clock support service that is mentioned in the contract. Tell us about the problem and we will help you as soon as possible.

If an accident occurs:

  • 1. Do not drive from a place of an accident at no case
  • 2. Call us on the hot line
  • 3. Call the police or our operator will help you with it
  • 4. Wait for the documents making by the police patrol, get a document about the accident, have a test on the alcohol intoxication on the police demand.

No matter you are guilty or not, we have a deductible of the insurance company in an amount of your deposit. If you use the “without a deposit” option, you will have 100% cover and nothing will be charged.

If you get a car at non-working hours or on the weekend, we will compensate the work of the employees at non-working hours.

  • 1. Pay for the car washing if it is not included in the cost according to the tariffs conditions
  • 2. Pay for the car cleaners or car polishing – if the car is dirty (bitumen, little scratches), what is left from the drinks, chocolate, love scents in the car saloon
  • 3. Payment for extra mileage – if you received a car on conditions of the limited mileage.
  • 4. Payment for the car damages, if they are made when you were using the car and are not declared to the police, us and insurance company

The car is given according to the transfer and acceptance act, where all the data of odometer, fuel, car damages (if there is any) are shown.

We include into the act everything you want, but there is no sense of putting the scratches or shatters less than 5 millimeters, if this is not a shatter on the glass or the light, because less than 5 millimeters is a natural car wear and tear, after your car rental, there may appear 5-10 pieces of such scratches and shatters from the stones from the road and dust.

If there is a moment of distrust – ask them to put into the act everything you want – we will put it. You can take a photo of the car from 4 sides, as the insurance company does so.

We give a certain amount of fuel that is fixed in the contract. You must return the car with the same amount of fuel.

No, it is not included.

This is possible, but such a service, “one way” will be on paid basis. When you mention the city of receiving and returning the car, specify price of the service. The service will be calculated automatically when you order on the website.

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