Questions that frequently asked and answers

Here we publish the questions that you most frequently ask and their answers, please familiarize yourself with them, you will become even more clear

How and where to order a car?

The car reservations can be made online through the order form, by phone, through online chat, just write us a letter, or via Viber WhatsApp. The best way is to order a car via site, than you order will be calculated at 100%.

Do I need to make a prepayment for car bookings?

You can either make an online payment through our website or not to do. The priority will be given to a paid-order, especially in the "high" season period.

Why can`t get the specific car? Why do you take orders in a class?

This is a purely technical question, if you offer a concrete car and something happens with it before the start of your rental, then we disappoint you in 100%. If you reservation is in the class - we always provide analog or replace the vehicle to a higher class.

There are Volkswagen Polo and Daewoo Lanos in economy class. Do you give me Lanos in case I order a VW Polo?

No. The classes are divided in the names as the economy, the comfort, sports ....... and according to the SIPP codes, such as EDAR, CDAR, SIPP. It is the coding that use car rental companies. Your class will always be guaranteed by SIPP code. SIPP code, you can see during the booking on the right side and in the section near the fleet of each car.

31. Can a car be driven by several persons?

One car can have an unlimited number of drivers. Each driver requires a standard set of documents: passport and a driver's license. The presence and signature of each driver in the contract - binding.

How much should I pay for an additional driver?

It costs from 3 USD per rental day, but no more than 30-50 USD for a period.

Does the car have insurances? Do I have to pay more for insurance?

The each car has CDW, TP insurance, in some offices also offered life insurance and health of the driver and passenger.

The above insurance are included in the rental cost, if you want an expanded insurance - order it from us. The cost and terms of extended insurance (without collateral) can be read under the conditions of hire.

Why do I have to leave a deposit for the car?

The deposit for the car is the franchise that is the amount that will not be paid by the insurance company in case of an accident, because this amount will be covered by your deposit.

Can I rent a car without deposit?

You can. Please read the rental conditions - Using a car without deposit or additional insurance.

Can I pay with the currency?

All payments are made in national currency. Ukraine - UAH, Georgia - GEL, Czech Republic - Euro ... .. If you have another currency, ask our managers, they will help you to solve all the problems with the exchange with minimal problems, advising bank.

Do you have winter tires on the car? Are there snow chains?

In summer time we have summer wheels and winter period – winter tires. We put the wheels according to the season. The chains, spikes can be ordered as an option.

Can I rent a car if my driver's license issued less than 2 years ago and I do not have driving experience?

Driving experience should be only 2 years at least, that is considered by printed data on the back against the "B" category of the date of issuance of the driving license or the date at the bottom right, in case the driver's license is reissued. The drivers experience is strictly recommended by insurance company.

What are the driving licenses is valid for use?

Any licenses are accepted in Ukraine, Crimea, the Czech Republic, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Georgia. NOTE: The driver's license must be duplicated in Latin letters (often not found in the driver's license of Arab countries, China citizens) and necessary to have the "B" category (such category do not have driver's licenses United States, Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, some Arab countries and other countries of South America)

You can use a driver's license, issued only in the UAE in case you want a rental service there.

What is an international driving license? I have it and it is international! An international driving permit (translation)

International driving is a booklet in 30 languages of the world, in fact it is a translation (adapter) of your license or a plastic license with signed there an international driver's license. Your driver’s license is also international if it has a photo and performed Latin, but in the world there are countries that have signed the Convention on Road Traffic, 1949 (United States, Canada, ...) and those who signed the second, Vienna, 1968 Convention (Ukraine, Russia, all of Europe ) and those who did not signed the Convention (China). That’s why there is an adapter, which is called - an international driver's license (international driving permit) to some other signers understood.

Where can I get an international driver's license? Can you help with this? How to get and what is needed?

A lot of companies offer these services use internet to find them. The time to receive it is usually from 1-2 days to a week - the price also depends on this. The average price for International Driving Permit is 15-65 US dollars. We do not produce such a certificate. For international license, you need a copy of your national license, 2 photos and money – no exams or tests.

I am a US citizen. Can I use a car in Ukraine, Georgia, Spain?

Yes, you can use, but your national driving license should be duplicated by an international, that is, the International Driving License, or International Driving Permit.

I am a citizen of Ukraine, Russia. Can I use a car in the UAE?

Yes, this is possible, but you must have International Driving License or International Driving Permit.

Do you keep my passport as a deposit if I use a car rental?

No, we never take documents as pledge, never take away them from you. We make copies of them if you do not send us up prematurely. We also have a photo equipment and mobile scanners to make the copies at the airport or railway / train station areas.

Do you refund a deposit immideately?

We refund deposit upon delivery of the vehicle, except cases you happen an accident during rental.

What do you mean "if nothing happened"! Do you return the deposit?

The deposit is a deductible amount in the case of accidents and damage of the car. This amount will not be paid by the insurance company. For more information, please read rental conditions, there set the opportunity to pick up your car without deposit or with a deductible equal to zero.

I have not received a deposit amount on my card. Do you refund it already? I took your car and have it returned to you three days ago. Where is my money?

If the deposit was blocked on your card - we unblocked it immediately on the same day. You have received a bill from the terminal and / or the vehicle returning act. If you block the money on the card - we do not have access to your money at the disposal and your bank. Please note, that the VISA keep your money up to 30 days, the MasterCard - 15 days. Usually the deposit is returned to your card during 30 minutes, or during 2-3 working days - depending on your bank and transaction processing speed.

There is more than 30 days from the rental period but I did not receive the money on my card, my bank says that you have them written off. Are you cheating me?

We do not cheat, you have a return of the car certificate and a bill for refund of your deposit (terminal bill). If this happened to you and you have not received the money after 30 days, file a claim to your bank that you have not received the money and bring our check and act also. (Such cases are 1 time in 2-3 years, but there are). You can apply to the bank, without waiting for 30 days. What happens if: your bank gives the request-ultimatum to our bank, our bank initiates an investigation and request all receipts and documents - within 30 days maximum all the investigation is complete, and if you have taken off the money and not brought back - they will be returned to the bank strictly this controls and prevent questionable operations. We had this problem 2 times in our practice with returning of the deposit. The bank's server did not take command, although the check came - the result, the bank returned the money to our client immediately.

Can I go to another country using your car?

We allow movement only within the country in which you had to get the car. It is not allowed to enter depressed regions and the occupied territories, the territory on which hostilities are conducted.

Ukraine has banned entry to the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions, Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

It is banned to travel to South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia.

It is banned to travel outside of the Republic in Crimea area.

If you can travel outside the territory on any car, we prescribe it in the rental conditions or make a special offer.

What should I do if the car is broken down?

You have 24 hours service phones, which are set in the contract, in the car on the stickers - call back for them and specify what problem you're having in this case. Very often the problem occurs because of no skill or incorrect operation of the vehicle directly to you. We appreciate and understand that you have experience of 30 years of driving, but listen to our advice and recommendations, and then everything will be fine, you will not look ridiculous.

Examples of vehicle damage in humans that are essentially no breakdown:
1. put the car in the area of strong radio waves and covered the car with the key fob alarm upon returning the key to open the vehicle, instead of using the key fob, the problem - cannot run a car - battery is mounted. - As we have found out: the engine turns, so the battery cannot be planted. The problem with opening the vehicle using the key - security system for the purpose of anti-theft locks the ignition, you can’t run the car. How to get out of trouble? Close all the doors - to put the car armed with a transmitter and again to disarm - start and go on.
2. The problem is similar to the first – can’t start a car engine!!! It is ok with alarm!!! The engine does not twist - just as there is no fuel in the car! – What kind of gear is chosen on a gearbox now??? - Oh, I'm sorry to the letter "the D" - move to "P" and start the engine.
3. I can’t start the car - not work the ignition, the MP3 player is playing, the vehicle with manual transmition – Do you press the clutch pedal when starting the engine??? - No, why? - All new vehicles with manual transmission, in order to avoid jerking and to facilitate starting the engine from the factory come with the option of switching on the ignition only when the clutch pedal is depressed.

What to do if an accident happens?

If the accident occurred:
1. Do not drive from the scene of the accident under any circumstances
2. Please call us on the hotline
3. Call the police patrol and we are calling it
4. Wait for clearance patrol documents, get a certificate of accident, go to the hospital for a test for alcohol or take it in the police car if there is equipment in police car available

Do you return the deposit in case it is not my fault in accident?

No, in case the amount of deposit is less than the amount of damage. Your deposit goes as deductible in any case. It does not matter if it is your fault.

Why should I pay for getting the car at night or on the weekend?

Our employees have the time, just like you, we are ready to serve you any day and at any time of the day, but the staff for a specified time has to pay extra wages or have more staff, which affects the cost. Due to these circumstances, you are asked to pay for these services.

What is an additional payment that can be asked from me during car returning?

Such payment can be asked:
1. The car wash payment - if the tariff conditions for it are not included in the price
2. Pay for dry cleaning or polishing of the car - if the vehicle is heavily smeared
3. Payment for additional miles - if the vehicle is obtained on the terms of the limited run
4. Payment for damage of the vehicle, if it is made in the period of your use of the vehicle and not reported to the police, an insurance company or us

How do you give the car?

The car is given in accordance with the act of reception and transmission, which specifies all records odometer, fuel, damage of the vehicle (if any).

I was told that these scratches are not entered in the vehicle transfer act, it is true?

We bring in the act - all you want, but there is no sense to make scratches or chipped to 5 mm, if it is not stone chip on glass or a lamp, since up to 5 mm - this is normal wear and tear of the machine, after your operation of such scratches and chips can be added 5-10 pieces of stones flying from the road dust.

If there is a moment of no confidence - ask to make the act of what you want - we will make. You can take a picture of a car with 4 sides, as does the insurance company. Our staff are the same people, then have something to overlook and your photos will make a plus for you and us.

How many petrol do you give in a tank?

We give out a certain amount of fuel, which is fixed in the agreement and you obliged to return the same amount of fuel.

Why do not provide a full tank service?

In our practice there are cases when clients are dissatisfied with the quality of fuel filled, as one who has returned the car, fill the car with fuel of lower quality. To avoid such situations, we offer you to choose the fuel.

Is the cost of fuel included in a rental price?

No, in economy class cars, a full tank of fuel costs as a rental car for 2 days.

I want to take the car in one city and return in another, is this possible?

This is possible, but this service is paid and named "one way". Ordering a car through the site - the service will be counted automatically.

It is easy to buy a car than to take it for rental?

If you buy a car for 200-300 USD - then of course to buy is cheaper than rent. We use new cars which are purchased from suppliers, unfortunately, we are not able to buy a new car for 200 - 300 US dollars.

I do not care what is the year of the car, or its technical condition. The main thing that is to receive it as cheap as possible

There are so many requests, sometimes it is added to the request - the cheapest cars for rent with automatic transmition. We want to protest against the wording of the question. The fact that 80% of those who say, can’t ride on the car, which they chose for some reason to blame us. The bottom line is that the Lanos will not be a Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, for you even, it should be understood that the acceleration system, brake system and air conditioning system work differently. Do not tempt yourself in vain hopes, because the other drive. There are those who ride on the old Soviet car industry which is 40 years old and feel comfortable, but are you ready for these??? Want to try it - please.

Do not get hung up on the car that you have in the garage, we divided the cars into classes, subclasses - that's right, that's cars meet the requirements that you are bringing, say Volkswagen Polo, the focus (Solaris), Rio - are in the same class and the price varies between 3-5 dollars because of the brand of the vehicle, but they are the same class and you get the same result with small deviations. But do not compare Lanos and Camry.

There is the "B", company they propose the same car for 10 dollars cheaper, wohh wohh!

The pricing policy of any company consists of several components:
1. The cost of the car - if they buy a used / the car - you get less quality, but cheaper, new - more expensive
2. The cost of insurance - buy insurance, do not buy
3. The technical condition of the vehicle, tires - worn or normal, the presence of winter tires in winter
4. The company's costs for staff, office telephony
5. Profit

Of course everyone has suddenly decided that if there is 10 USD cheaper - meaning those with more greedy. Often you get any of the above factors, i.e. savings on the maintenance, tires, insurance, or something else, but not for profit, there are more profits.

Think, too, because one-bedroom apartment can cost differently, although both that, as one of them will be flat with two rooms. Do not think that if it is the Skoda Fabia and Skoda Fabia is that they are 100% identical and differ only in price - no!

Does the car have air conditioning?

All our cars have air conditioning - it is a mandatory requirement for our vehicles

Can I take the car for work in a taxi service?

No. We do not provide cars to work in a taxi.

Do you sell rental cars?

Yes, we sell rental cars in 2-3 years of operation. Information on them can be found on our website or on the websites of car sales.

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