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Music: CD, Radio, MP3, Acoustics, the Radio.
Trunk capacity: 465 liters - 2 suitcases and 1 handbag.
Hyundai Solaris is made in the corporate style of the company at this stage. The model is positioned as a budget, but its design can not be classified as such. The vehicle is adapted for comfortable movement, both in the city and beyond with ease and comfort. It is pleasing to the eye a successful ergonomics, nice design of the central console, the driver's seat and a comfortable space for rear passengers with ample comfortable position inside the car. The plastic in the interior, though tight, but it can not be called cheap.
The package of this car include air conditioning, electric heating, electric heated front seats and rear power windows, audio system with MP3 function, system stabilization, parking sensors, engine start button, with alloy wheels and fog lights. The trunk is small compared with other cars in the same class, you can put a small amount of bags and stroller baby pram summer.