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Rental Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Jeep Wrangler Sahara
  A/C transmission  A   4   3
Engine: 3800 cm3
Fuel consumption: 14.8 l/100km
Fuel type: petrol
Gear type: Automatic
Additional services
Air conditioning: there is
Number of seats: 4
Type of drive: four-wheel drive
Music: CD and radio
Boot volume: 487 l


25 USD 30 суток
29 USD 16-29 суток
33 USD 8-15 суток
36 USD 4-7 суток
42 USD 1-3 суток
300 USD Security deposit:

Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Music: CD + radio + MP3 + the AUX

Additionally, we can complement emulator for USB, according to your requirement.

Steering: Left

It is the US production car, classic Jeep. It is complete with two roofs: a removable plastic or removable tarpaulin. Removing the roof, are full-size doors with glass front and rear-row seats do not have glasses. The trunk is virtually absent. Components and interior of the car is quite poor. The car is liked by those who love the classics.

The trunk will accommodate a couple of small bags.

Pay attention to our video review of real Jeep Wrangler in Georgia:

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