Music: CD-player, MP3, board computer, radio, speakers, remote control on the steering wheel.

Trunk capacity: 280 liters - 1 bag or 2 bags.

Mazda 2 has been created together with Ford and repeats the model of Ford Fiesta in a technical point of view. Mazda 2 is considered to be affordable and youth car in Europe. It is considered a good one for ladies. Drivers Mazda "deuce" is the inspiration and tranquility. It is a great choice in the city for good parking at the rapid traffik.

The design of the Mazda 2 made as cars of the premium segment and is one of the most attractive in the segment "B". This model has won one of the most prestigious awards in design, becoming the best choice of the Japanese auto industry in 2014.

The basic Mazda equipment more than worthy: ABS, 6 Airbag, light and rain sensors, stability control, the CD-player with MP3, remote controls on steering wheel, air conditioning, a washer of headlights, full power accessories, cruise control, trip computer, Bluetooth, start button motor.

The trunk capacity is 220 liters, but folded back row, you can get 852 liters of useful volume. It is a small trunk for this car category.

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