Music: CD-player, MP3 player, AUX-input.

Cargo capacity: 285 liters - 1 big bag or 2 small bags.

Peugeot 208 is among the five most popular cars in Europe. The model is a three-cylinder engine capacity of 1.2 liter and 5-step "robot". It is a compact city car, easy to maneuver, easy to park, economy, with a normal clearance. Such cars are selected mainly for daily travel around the city.

The average consumption of fuel in the urban cycle is 6.2 liters and 5.5 liters per each 100 km on the highway. The engine capacity of 1.2 liters is enough in the city. The car holds the road confident when cornering at speed behaves flawlessly, running a little stiff, very convenient small steering wheel.

In 208y model has a handy display for students. There is a special tip: shows what speed it is necessary to include.

The new multimedia system Peugeot 208 holds a 7-inch touch screen on the front panel. There is Bluetooth and USB connector. 

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