Hire a car in Donetsk with driver service

The global market for car rental in Donetsk as well as in other regions of Ukraine can be divided into two main areas:

  1.Car rental without a driver

  2.Rent a car with driver

In the first case you are renting a car and operate it independently, runs its fuel in the quantities needed for your travel. Second, the cost of hiring a car are included, driver and fuel cost. Rent a car without a driver is calculated by the day, that is, You can book a car from one of the day. Of course it can be operated for a few hours, but still have to pay for the day. Rent a car with driver is calculated by the hour, by the day or mileage. Hourly basis - this is usually in city mode. Cost of 1 hour include fuel, car and driver services, car wash. Intercity mode is always on mileage and you pay for every kilometer - as a taxi. Daily payment for car rental with a driver may or may not include food and lodging driver, the cost of parking the car idle and constant operation. In any case, car hire in Donetsk with a driver is better considered individually - knowing the client"s schedule.

Feature car rental in Donetsk with a driver is the fact that, unlike most regions of Ukraine are rather high price of the service. Price hire a car with driver in Donetsk region can be in two or more times higher than, for example, in Kiev.

On the one hand the high cost due to the high cost of fuel is always (in Donetsk fuel is always more expensive), the other - local flavor and tradition. Another example of a non-traditional approach to car rental with driver in Donetsk is a new kind of calculation cost.

Often you can hear suggestions about paying hourly + mileage together, in this case you pay for and this and that - it is only in the Donetsk region. RACE company car rental Donetsk always favored in terms of fair and equitable pricing. We offer you exactly the same standard terms and rental car hire in Donetsk as everywhere in Ukraine. We appreciate your attention and long-standing partnership with every client.Please contact us and we will give you honest, stable prices for car rental in Donetsk as the driver or without driver service - a standard car rental. 

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