Car rental with driver in Ukraine

One of the main activity of RACE car hire is rental service with a driver. We propose a huge number of cars to our customers.

You can always book a rental car with a driver in advance, while specifying all details and details.

 Luxury car most people associate with the comfort and service was excellent. Everbody can not by this car but always have opportunity to rent this luxury car.

Plus in this much:

  • First and most important - you do not need to watch the road and still be in a state of stress.
  • You do not think about the possible troubles associated with the operation of the car, you just relaxing on the move and enjoy the views from the window, or just stay busy with your own thoughts.
  • Rent a car with a driver will not think about how to quickly get to a given destination. Professional driver, knowing the area, will make transfer to any destination in Ukraine.
  • We will give you a car with a driver for any period. Getting ready for a trip or to odyh vacation, business meeting or to the airport, you have a wedding or corporate event, book in advance a car with a driver.
    Rent a car - it is very profitable, because saving money on hourly pay taxis and carriers.
  • Rent a car with driver is the best solution if your car broke down, but your daily life you can not imagine without a car.
  • Car hire in Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov with us - it is always qualitative, fast and convenient.
  • Rent a car the best way for visitors to the city to familiarize with all its attractions.
  • Car rental in Ukraine - the freedom of movement.

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