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5 steps to rent a car

November 2020
Autumn - photo

Autumn is the best period to rent a car mostly because:

  1. All those who went for holidays get back to work, there will be not many travelers among you.
  2. It is not hot outside, it means that you can travel with comfort.
  3. The cost of car rental prices are less comparing to the summer ones.

In this article you can find five steps to choose the best car for a rent for you to make trips round Ukraine.

Step 1. Car rental budget

Car rental budget - picture

Define the sum that you are going to spend to rent a car. The car rental prices depends mostly on car class.

Economy class – if you are ready to spend the minimum sum of money on a car for a rent and get the same minimum conditions of comfort.

Comfort class – the medium price for car rental and comfortable conditions to make trips with family or friends.

Business class – the high price for a rent, you get a prestige car mark and model, with which it is not a shame to meet business partners.

SUV – the most expensive cost among the mentioned classes, the car is for any road pavement and even for roads where there is no pavement.

Step 2. Rental period

Rental period - picture

Everybody who rent a car for the first time, we strongly advise to get acquainted with the golden rule of car rental: “The more is the period of rent, the cheaper is one day of rent”. That is why car rental for a month or more is more affordable at the prime cost than the rent for a few days.

Step 3. With or without deposit

With or without deposit - picture

Many car rental companies can offer you to rent a car with or without deposit:

  • Car rental with deposit – the cost of car rental is less comparing to the rent without deposit. You leave definite sum of money that is returned to you, when you return the rented car. The sum of deposit is the deductible that is your responsibility for the car. If the insured event occurs, you will lose no more than this sum of money.
  • Car rental without deposit – the price of car rental is higher. You do not leave the deposit. The deductible (your responsibility for the car) in case of road traffic accident is 0, it means that the insurance company pays for any damage.

Step 4. Additional services

Additional services - picture

Car rental companies can offer you the next additional services:

  1. Car rental with unlimited mileage – you are not limited with the number of kilometers, you can drive as much as you want to.
  2. Car rental with a driver – in case if you are not going to drive on your own, you will be offered the professional driver services. The driver must:
    • not speak on the mobile phone while driving
    • not smoke in the car saloon
    • look decently
    • be dumb as an oyster
  3. Car rental at any address – the car may be delivered to you, this may be an airport, port, railway station, or any other address.
  4. Car rental at non-working hours – this means that you get and return the car at any time convenient for you, 24/7
  5. Child booster, navigator, dashboard camera – any of this items may be ordered by you at car rental company

Step 5. Be ready beforehand

Be ready beforehand - picture

Find out beforehand what you must do / must not do if you get into road traffic accident:

  • Not to leave the place of the road traffic accident.
  • Contact the car rental company
  • Call the police or ask to do this the manager of the car rental company
  • The manager will contact the insurance company
  • Wait for the police, fill in all the documents and give them to the car rental company employee.

If you adhere to the instructions and not violate the rules, the insurance company will pay for any damage, except for the sum of you deductible.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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