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What to buy Lanos or Aveo, how to choose | RACE

December 2016

choose carsWhat to choose? Lanos or Aveo? This question has many years of concern to all motorists. This topic can be found on almost every forum and read thousands of user reviews. And most likely, you have it only more confusing. How many people, so many opinions! We want to return to this theme again and help you to lay down your own opinion.

Have you decided to buy a new car at an affordable cost and stopped on a Lanos? And then there is your friend, who advises "Add a little and buy the Aveo, looks better, more comfortable. That's my friend took and happy." And you start to think, what if true, the Aveo is best. You come home, turn on your computer, search for similar topics and start reading the opinions of others. But after a few hours spent at the computer, you get up and understand that completely confused ...

We will help you to lay down your own opinion and to choose between the cars. The solution is quite simple. Take both cars for hire! You must agree, the purchase is not cheap, and you do not buy a car every day. It may be better to overpay a little bit, and be confident in your purchase.

You might think, not easier then sign up for a test drive in the area and ride the Lanos and Aveo. How long you can drive taking the car at dealership? Is it 1 or 2 kilometers? It is not enough to understand how the car behaves on the road. Hardly showroom manager you will go on the road and you do not know what the acceleration of the car when overtaking. And you do not understand how you will feel after a few hours spent behind the wheel, how convenient or comfortable chairs in the car.

All of this can be understood by taking a car rental. You own master, and has the right to dispose of their time and car. You will know everything about this car till the evening After a few days, weeks, you go to the salon, firmly knowing which car is right for you.

We are confident that we can help solve the problem with the choice of car, our fleet consists of more than 100 cars. Our prices are available to everyone. Please contact us via the contacts specified on the website. We are always glad to see you!

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