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Rental cars as a way to tarry the crisis

January 2017

car in crisis timeWe are often frightened  some forecasts of the unstable situation, the bad economic conditions, the end of the world, the falling of the national currency and increase of  USD very long time.

Do you really believe in it ????

Well, then you probably will not invest in a business, buy things and the best way will be - temporarily wait unrests and don’t hurry with the buying of real estate, expensive cars and other things. What to do if you just get used to ride every day by a car? Output is always there - the service "car rental".

We may provide daily more than 100 rental cars, with the most diverse: from economy class to super cars and SUVs. Prices in the winter period are loyal, it means that your budget will not be affected, and will be expecte an unfavorable situation’s permit and figure out whether or not to settle back, buy cars or just stand to leave this country.

Order a car is very simple: presence of documents, a small deposit, monthly or daily payment. All cars are with full insurance TPL ans CDW insurance.

Booking a car rental, you will protect yourself and your finances to better times, perhaps very soon, in time of the beginning of instability, you can even buy a car for a penny. By the way, this situation was already observed in 2008 in Ukraine and those who watched for 6 months and stay with cash, could make a very good purchase: cars, apartments, houses in a very low and a good price. So the most full complektation of Volkswagen Taureg, which worth US $ 90 000 before the crisis, you could buy only for 60 000 - this is a real plus and economy.

The best way to tarry - Car rental!

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