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Prices for rental cars in Ukraine are reduced

Brand RACE provides car rental services in economy class at a great price. We offer cheap car from the first day, you do not necessarily to book a car for 30 days to get a good price. If the main priority in the car rental for you is the price - this program is specially designed for you.

The cost of renting Daewoo Lanos for 1 day will cost you 23 USD, that is, less than 1 USD per hour. If the car is rented for 4 days or more, the price will be 20 USD per day. Agree, it is a good offer!!!!

As part of a cheap rental car, we offer car brands Daewoo Lanos and Renault Logan. You do not worry, we do not offer a "dead" cars, these are just the cars produced in 2011, and because we can provide them a significant discount.

Absolutely all cars offered in this program are equipped with power windows, power steering, air-conditioned, have tinted windows, MP3 radio, central lock.

To take advantage of our offer, do not book a car for half a year and to make payment in advance.

The cars are almost always in stock.

The vehicles are equipped with winter tires, which already complies with the weather conditions.

The service of cheap car rental is available in Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Kiev and Zaporozhye.

Book cheap car hire - stay with RACE!

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