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Rental of additional equipment

July 2017

If you decide to use the services of our company, pay attention to the accessories that you can order. We understand that you need and have some discomfort without the use of certain equipment. We glad to help you.

We offer for rent

Child seats - the safety of your child is always in your hands, if you need a comfortable chair - please contact us. We understand that if you are a tourist.

Boosters - almost chairs, only less comfortable and suited for older children, they do not have a position on the bend to the floor lying child's condition.

Navigators - your e-card, despite the fact that most cell phones have long been equipped with navigation systems, it is not always convenient. It is convenient to have a separate device. Navigator is not just a guide, it is also your safety., It will help you and show you the upcoming turn under conditions of poor illumination of the road.

Action camera – is a small video camera which you can take pictures of your trip. We will help to secure the camera mount on your helmet, car, hand, surfboards or skis. We provide not only cameras, but also fixing impermeable boxes and much more.

3G WiFi in the car - if you want a permanent Internet in your car with WiFi function, take a portable 3G modem. Please note that the internet speed depends on the location and position of the operator's services on the territory of your stay.

FM transmitery - if your car has no slot for flash drives, we give FM transmiter absolutely free of charge with the help of which you can play music from a flash memory by setting the transmission channel in your car's FM range. Available for FREE !!!

Snow chains - if you're going to the mountains, take snow chains, they can be useful in places with ice.

Roof and roof racks - you need special conditions for attaching skis, racks for clothes - rent mount or boot.

Mobile phones with local SIM card – we will provide free if you have a need in your phone and SIM card on arrival.

Maps - we provide free of charge upon request.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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