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Facts about Ukraine: what you might not know

Are you sure you know everything about the country in which you live? We have prepared for you a selection of facts that actually took place in Ukraine


Up until the 17th century, a girl could tell a boy that she loved him. The girl could came to the house of the guy she loved and, when all his family gathered, told him to get married.

The night of Ivan Kupala

At this night it was allowed to do anything. The girls wove wreaths and threw them into the water, and it was believed that the one who will pick up the wreath is destined for the girl by fate. The night of Ivan Kupala is still celebrated: with weaving wreaths and jumping over the fire.

The longest route

The longest trolleybus route in Kiev and around the world is 86 kilometers.


The biggest champagne glass in the whole world was created by Ukrainians: its contains more than 56 liters.

Ostroh Academy

This is not only the first academy in Eastern Europe, but also the first institution of higher education - this is the Ostroh Academy. It was opened in the 1576 and in this year it invited the first students to study in Academy.

Taras Shevchenko

The largest number of monuments were built in honor of Taras Shevchenko. Around the world there are about 1200 items.


Ukrainian trembita is the longest musical wind instrument in the world.

The most beautiful language

The Ukrainian language received this title in 1934 at the beauty contest of languages in Paris, overtaking French and Persian.

Anthem of Ukraine

Only six lines - this is what the international Ukrainian anthem consists of. And the rest is strictly prohibited to use because they are politically incorrect.


Where do you think the most popular and most visited McDonalds in the world is? Of course in Ukraine, namely in the city of Kiev.

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