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Financial leasing and car rental with option to buy

November 2016

car leasing

If you are interested in car rental with purchase, or more correct name - financial leasing, we are ready to provide you this service. A significant number of people took advantage and enjoyed the service of our company.

What are the advantages of car rental with purchase?

1. You pay for the parts and gradually over 12 - 24 months for the car

2. The car becomes your own, so you will be the owber of the car at the end of the contract

3. When you renting a car, you get used to it and realize that you have purchased and all conditions of  buying.  That is why this is not just buying a car in the market, even with a view to the service station, where you have to decide a few hours of viewing. Buying car this is daily car knowledge and its properties . So you " don’t buy a cat  in a poke."

4. We work with the best insurance companies that offer a guarantee on the car payments in case of accidents.

The cost of car rental with buy option

  1. make an initial payment - 30-50 % of the car value 
  2. Pay monthly rent

What is charged separately or may be included, depending on the conditions of leasing contract: 

  1. Insurance CDW and TPL
  2. Maintenance Cost 
  3. Rubber depending on a season

Documents and requirements for registration of the lease contract

  1. Passport 
  2. Personal code 
  3. Driving license 
  4. Age from  21 years 
  5. Experience of driving practice from 2 years

Term of consideration of applications - 2 working days.

Not allowed the use a car for a taxi.

If you have any questions or want to learn more - call ( +38 ) 067-644-6-555

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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