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Fortress Star, Kherson

April 2021
Fortress Star, Kherson - photo

One of the attractions of the city of Kherson, is the fortress Zvezda (star). There are not many interesting artifacts survived to this day, which were originally in this fortress, but there is still something to see.


The fortress was founded by Potemkin in 1778, the fortress was built until 1786, that is, 8 full years. The fortress served as a defensive structure, next to it was laid garrison.

There are two gates of the arched type in fortress, namely Ochakov and Moscow gates. Ochakov gate is also called the western gate, and the Moscow one is called the northern one. The gate is identical.

You can find the remains of the defensive shaft on the territory of the fortress, which blocked access to the attackers for reinforcement, as well as there is a powder cellar, which is converted into a restaurant.


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