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Drive the rental car to Crimea or out of Crimea

March 2017

This article focuses on the issues that we are asked, such as:

Drive the rental car to Crimea or out of Crimea


  1. Is it possible to go to the territory of Ukraine in the Crimea
  2. Can I take a car rental in Simferopol and to come to Ukraine

We will talk about crossing the border to the Crimea on the rental car in this article, the procedure and especially crossing by car a little different, we also note. The relevance of the article is at the time of writing, as any rule can be changed.

The article was written in December 2016.

Took the car on the mainland Ukraine and to go to the Crimea

It is not possible now. The problem is not only in insurance, and in the crossing of the border. According to Ukrainian legislation, it is set the administrative border between the peninsula of Crimea and the mainland of Ukraine, the intersection of which is equal to the rules of crossing the border plus additional requirements.

You will be able to cross the border with Crimea unless you're holding there notarised document or you a car owner. In the case of rental cars you have neither notary document nor a car owner. It is also necessary to buy a green card - an international insurance. None of the Ukrainian company does not insure cars on the territory of Crimea, then CASCO does not work there.

The peculiarity of this intersection is also the fact that it is available to citizens of Ukraine, but the foreigners are limited in their rights such as the Crimea, according to Ukrainian legislation - temporarily occupied territory, then access the alien through the territory of Ukraine is possible only with special permission.


Take a rental car in Crimea and go to travel to mainland of Ukraine

This option is also not possible, the cars that located in Crimea have the Russian registration, as the Ukrainian registration they are just at the right time of entry. If you have a rental car with the Russian registration, you will not be allowed to enter Ukraine from the Crimean peninsula, according to the Ukrainian legislation, you have entered the territory of Ukraine illegally. The territory of Crimea is Ukrainian territory in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, but according to the Russian legislation is the territory of Russia. If you went to the Crimea from Russia, the Russian side believes that you are in Russia and the Ukraine that is you coming in from the Crimea. But the Ukrainian side, tells you that you have illegally entered the Crimea and Ukraine, as at the border between Russia and the Crimea are not passed Ukrainian customs and border control.

In any case, in Ukraine from the Crimea can input only Ukrainian citizens, and who left the Crimea through the administrative border, rather than through the state border.

Violation of these rules may result not only the fact that you will not be allowed to Ukraine, but also can result in punishment for illegal border crossing. Consider these factors when renting a car and a simple crossing of the border.

If you find an inaccuracy in this article, or we do not specify any of the information you are interested, please contact us.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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