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Everything about winter tires and its correct use

November 2020

With the advent of the first frost on the road begins to increase sharply the number of accidents. And now the number of accidents exceeds the winter, because in the snowy weather, people are more waiting for the ice and more prepared mentally for an emergency situation. Now, on the contrary, physical and moral unpreparedness played a cruel joke

When the temperature outside is +5/+7 degrees Celcium, every driver knows: it is time to change the tires. If you do it for the first time, this article will help you to understand why it is so important for the tires to correspond to the season and which ones to choose for your car

The difference between summer and winter tires

First of all summer and winter tires differ a lot according to the following characteristics:

  1. The structure of rubber mix
  2. The wheel tread

The rubber in summer tires is harder, it easily becomes at no good when it is cold. While winter tires differ from summer ones by the deep wheel tread. Even when it is minus degrees Celcium, such rubber is elastic and provides better conjunction with the road pavement.

Change or not to change

According to the current law of Ukraine, you must use the car in winter times with the corresponding tires. Even the insurance company may not compensate you the damage after the road-traffic accident if the tires of your car do not correspond to the season.


There is a special marking on winter tires, you`d better get acquainted with it not to mix up while buying the tires.
The winter tires are marked in such a way:

  • “M+S”
  • “M&S”
  • “MS”
  • a picture of a snowflake as an outline

Which conditions fit studded / studless tires

Moreover, depending on your aims, you will have to choose between studded and studless tires.

  • You are going to travel round the city, the winter is rather warm – choose studless tires if there is slush and partly-melted snow outside
  • You are going to have a trip beyond one city, the winter is cold and there is snow outside – choose studded tires, especially if you are going to drive on the roads of a bad quality. Are you going to travel on well-trodden roads or roads with clear ice? No worries, choose studded tires.

The advantages and disadvantages of studded and studless tires

Each type of tires has its advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to choose the tires that fit all types of roads and trips.

Advantages of studded tires

  • The best tire traction with the road pavement
  • Good braking on the ice

Disadvantages of studded tires

  • It is hard to brake on the wet and dry asphalt, there is the risk of slippage
  • High fuel consumption rate
  • High level of noise

Advantages of studless tires

  • The best tire traction with wet and dry asphalt
  • It better preserves its qualities when it is warm outside
  • Low level of noise

Disadvantages of studless tires

  • There is the risk of slippage while driving on clear ice roads/li>

Last but not least

When you rent a car, it would be better for you to find out with which tires you are going to travel. The company must provide you the car with the tires according to the season.

So to say, RACE car rental company provides you only the cars with the tires that correspond to the season.

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