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“Khortytsia” National Reserve

“Khortytsia” Nationla Reserve is the main pride of the whole Ukraine country. When you read this article you will find out how everything goes on in the park and why tourists and locals find it so interesting to visit.

Zaporizhian Sich

Zaporizhian Sich – is the capital of the Cossackdom and its administrative center. It is one of the first Cossacks` sich, that was built in the 16th century.

It consists of:

There are fortification structures all around the little town that protects it from the intruders – pale fencing and defensive towers.

There are a church and a square (for Cossacks meetings) right in the center of Cossacks sich.

Nowadays the church is active, the church services are held there as well as wedding ones.


The cultic complex are thought to be much older than Egyptian pyramids.

There were used to hold:

Scythian set

There is the number of burial hills in the Zaporizhian sich, nowadays only 28 are left. At the current moment a common tourist can see 11 of them, all of them are restored and stylized, looking at them you can see how they looked like centuries ago when they were just made.

Parking zones

“Khortytsia labyrinth” is the very name of the parking zones that was given to them by loclas. They are the alleys with a great diversity of flora, historical and archaeological monuments.

The dendrological part amazes by skillfully chosen composition of plants. You can look at them and get amused at any time of the year.

Cossacks performances

A group of historical reenactors that call itself “Sich Cossacks” offers the tourists to watch stylish Cossacks performances. First of all they are the very keepers of the Cossacks traditions.

“Khortytsia” invites everybody to visit this national reserve. Its working hours are 9 am – 5 pm daily. It will not be hard for you to get there by public transport.

However, if you want to have a trip to Zaporizhia or any other city of Ukraine in a comfort way, we strongly advise you to rent a car, you can do this with the help of our website.

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“Khortytsia” National Reserve
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