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Rest in Morshyn

August 2020

This summer the large number of tourists rushed to the south of Ukraine, in search of relaxation on the beach. This season will not be as intense, comparing with the last season of rest in the south of the country. The reason for this is high price..
An alternative for people who want to not only relax, but do it for the benefit of his body is a Western Ukraine. Western Ukraine is famous for its spas. In Morshyn town, which is located 70km from Lviv, focused resorts with unique mineral waters. Hotels and resorts are designed not only for Ukrainian, but also for foreign guests, so the service is top.
Morshyn is different from all the other resorts in the fact that it is located close to the Carpathians. The Carpathian mountains is called "lungs" not only of Ukraine but also of Europe. People who come from polluted cities often claim that it is here they have understood the phrase "breathe with full lungs".
One of the favorite places for tourists and travelers is a waterfall near Morshyn, which attracts more and more people due to the fact that the waterfall flows from the lake, which has long been called dead. The peculiarity of this lake is that it is even in the most severe frosts will not freeze. Also Dovbush`s rocks are popular among visitors and residents of the resort town. Dovbush is an Ukrainian Robin Hood.
If you come to rest in Morshyn, or recovering their health then use the opportunity to rent a car in Morshyn, or order a transfer Lviv-Morshyn, do not limit yourself to visit amazing places of interest incomparable Carpathians. Our company is ready to offer you a quality service, with new cars. If you start the journey from the city, you might be interested in our service for renting a car in Lviv.

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