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Features of parking in Ukraine

November 2016

parking UkraineIn this article we consider the features of parking in different cities of Ukraine, how to use the parking, how much it costs. The material is written as at 24 October 2016, because prices and information may be slightly different if you're reading this a little later.

We do not guarantee the price or 100% and the rules set out in this article, the article carries is most informative and evaluation function and should issue a general nature and related to the situation with parking in Ukraine.

The article is written for those who want to take advantage of car rental in the Dnipro, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Zaporozhzhya, or another city, and can be easy to come by car from abroad, to travel.

Parking fee is a local collection, which goes into the income of the local municipality, ie the city. First of all we must understand that the car park is different from the parking lot. Parking is not the protection of the vehicle, is to collect, because you leave the car at a certain location, parking is not responsible for your vehicle, its damage, just as does the valet. Special night parking, a little different, here you pay, just for security services of your car, that is, you leave the vehicle for protection, although of course, the parking regulations as may be prescribed exceptions for the protection of vehicle or its parts. Therefore, paying money for parking or security, make sure that you pay for.

The parking in the majority of cities of Ukraine cost 5UAH per 1 hour. Do not rush to lay out a lot of money, if you want to stand 5-8 hours, the parking fee will not exceed 10-15 UAH per day. Payment for parking is collected as "good tipsy" folks, horrible appearance and in principle is quite simple to deceive you, because just a protective clothes valet reflective vest and a badge. That's why, in Ukraine, conducted an experiment with a change of clothes in a vest and give money - people are paid.

Of course you can not pay for parking, valet simply answer a bad swearing and he will not do anything, could scratch the car or just to spoil, but nothing will not be able to make global. The car did not evacuate, do not take away. In practice there are cases when the parking attendants tried to take payment in places where not a parking sign or after working hours.

Please note that parking service can collect the money in the period 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, unless otherwise stipulated by the schedule marked "P".

The evacuation of vehicles for non right parking in Ukraine was unlikely and almost never used, and if it is practiced, there is no parking service and the police. For parking most likely to pick up the car in Lviv and Kiev, Kharkov, but in never happens in Dnipro city or Zaporizhzhya.

Note: Closed parking areas or special places (airports, train stations) can set other prices for parking services.

Payment for parking is made locally, at the place where you leave a car. The payment is made to a parking workers, they have terminals for cashless payment. In Ukraine, there is no obligation check about parking space under glass or any of the parking season ticket, simply pay money to valet if you are going to pay.

We hope that our article will help you with the problem of parking in Ukraine. If you need a rental car in Ukraine: Kharkov, Kiev, Zaporozhye, Lvov Dnieper or - will be glad to help you.

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