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The Most Astonishing building – Turned Upside Down House

Going from Yaremche to Bukovel you can see one of the rare places of interest in this region, particularly “The turned upside down house”. It could look like an ordinary building if not for the fact that it is in the literal sense of the word is turned upside down.

The short story of its creation

The house was built for a month and a half – the architectures need just 45 days to create such a new development for Ukraine but not for the Europe.

How everything is inside

It looks not a big one outside, bit it is 85 square kilometers. Inside of the house it looks even more surprisingly than outside, when you come into the house, you can see that the furniture is also turned upside down and fastened to the ceiling. It means that turning the house on its place as it should be, the furniture also would be on its place.

The outside atmosphere

Outside of the house there is a flag of Ukraine that is tightened to the house. And when it is dark, the house is shining bright due to the special decorations and fairy lights tightened to the ceiling and the base of the house. It is located close to the neighborhood house and in contrast to them, the house looks even more strange.

What is in the district

There is a cafe not far from the house so that the tourists who are hungry can have a snack. And a little bit farther there are comfortable hotels. For those who decided to make a longer stop.

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