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December 2016

hitch a ride Such service for travel is becoming very popular. On the markets of different countries, international players that come through the Internet offer to cooperate with fellow travelers. International web makes its own adjustments to the livelihoods of everyone. Now, to get from one city to another can be much faster and freer than public transport, not only private operators compete on price with the carrier.
What a ride benefits and how to get there?

The benefit is both for the driver and passenger.

The driver rides this direction rather means anyway cost finding money on fuel and wear car on availability therein driver or driver + several passengers - not increase. This is because the drivers for the purpose of the occupancy of the car sometimes even compete on price with the public transport.



Advantages for the driver:

  • Savings on the travel costs
  • Not so boring to go

For the benefit of passengers that can be reached more quickly (car moves faster and without stopping, in contrast to the bus or train), profitable (not always, but still), there is no reference to the schedule and you can always go find a ride.

Benefits for passengers:

  • cheaper
  • quick access
  • there is no reference to the schedule
  • does not depend on hundreds of people traveling in the same transport

Do not negotiate the fact that there are negatives in the service, which are shown including the dangers that may lie in wait for a driver and fellow travelers, because crooks and rogues as well use this service.

Cons and dangers for the driver:

  • You goes with someone, this someone may be you not liked by you
  • Deviations from the schedule because of the stops associated with the passenger
  • The risk of scams and cheats in your car

Cons passenger or danger:

  • Do not always have a car
  • The vehicle can fill a driver at 100% will be simply uncomfortable
  • The driver can be a speedy man
  • Nobody spent on the driver's test on Alcohol and Drugs
  • The driver can be a crook or swindler

As part of our activities in the field of car rental, our driver and management use this service as the third party and the people themselves ride as passengers. However, our official partnership with several services ended not yet begun due to the fact that the service was scared that we'll use it for commercial purposes, although we offer a massively because in our park a lot of cars, drivers and do we use such services.

If you are our customer and, for example, rented a car in Kiev, and want to travel, we can recommend such a service, you may thus also save on car hire. In any case, when using the services of a companion, be extremely careful.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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