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Rest in Batumi and car rental

If you decide to spend your vacation abroad, go to Batumi, a fantastic city in Georgia. You will be pleasantly surprised not only of the prices on vacation, and the positive atmosphere of the local population and their goodwill. If you get lost, you always prompt way, will bring or to the right place. Rest in Batumi will appeal to all, without exception, clean streets, the order in the city and a huge number of attractions. Arriving on vacation in Georgia, you will not want to go home. It is not a problem to buy aircraft tickets to Georgia the price is acceptable enough

The cheapest way to get to Georgia is to buy a ticket to Kutaisi. From Kutaisi airport you can go to Batumi and other city public transport, convenient schedule and you almost do not have to wait.

For those who prefer their own transport, you can order a car. To do this in Georgia is as easy to use as a rental car in Ukraine or any other country. You just need to take care of this in advance and make a reservation. We will prepare the car in the class and bring it to the airport of Georgia. You can go to any corner of Georgia by car, whether Batumi, Tbilisi, Kutaisi and other cities. The return of the car can also be in any city in this wonderful country.

Rental registration takes less than 15 minutes, which is certainly convenient for all visitors. Do not forget to order a GPS navigatorl, it is likely to be useful to you in the way. If you are coming to Georgia with a small child, be sure to order a child seat and our managers will set it according to all safety requirements. Our company provides a shuttle service from the airports of Georgia also, we will meet you and take you to the hotel. Hurry to book a rental car in Georgia now.

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