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Spend time in Georgia with RACE

January 2017

You have decided to go on a business trip or on holiday in Georgia? Well, there is nothing better than to carry out this journey, using the service of rent a car in Georgia.

In recent years, Georgia is visited by more and more people. Only in 2013 in Georgia was visited by about 5 million visitors, of which 1.5 million official purpose of the trip said tourism, others have been here for a few days or as transit passengers here on business.

The main places through which people come to Georgia are airport, seaport and railway. The biggest in passenger capacity are: the airport of Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi. Airports in Tbilisi and Batumi have a large number of arrivals and flights from different countries, but the airport in Kutaisi famous for that here based low-cost airline, is in Kutaisi flights arrive from Russia, Ukraine, Poland. Airport Kutaisi popular thanks to cheap air travel, for a plane ticket from Kutaisi to Ukraine can be bought for 60-100 dollars.

Receiving a car at the airport

If you arrived to the airport, from there you can go on a rented car. We can help you to arrange car rental in the airport of Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi. Particularly well to take advantage of car rental without a driver or renting a car with driver (transfer) Airport Kutaisi, Georgia, because you are likely to go to Tbilisi and Batumi, which is 230 or 170 km away. Our car fleet is quite large and everyone will be able to pick up a car in the class.

You will pleasantly surprise by our prices. Georgia car rental terms are the same for all and are quite simple.

It is best suited for those travelers who like to travel and hate monotonous beach vacation, car rental in Batumi, Georgia. How you can lie on the beach and live it under the Georgian sun? It would be nice to be aired, and will travel to Tbilisi, Kobuletti, Borjomi .... car hire in Batumi is just what you needed. And you decided to go to Kakheti, on the wine tasting, and do not want to drive a car, no problem - make a rental car in Georgia, with a driver, our professionals will take you anywhere and take a tour.

Going to a "warm" city - Tbilisi, despite the narrow streets and crazy traffic, car rental in Tbilisi, also should not be neglected here. We can say that not far from Tbilisi, only some 60-80 km away, is Rustavi - is the largest automotive market, and prices - just fabulous. Such cheap price to buy cars you have not seen either in Russia or in Ukraine. It is because of cheap prices, Car rental in Tbilisi and, in general, in Georgia, quite cheap. Book a car in Georgia - we serve you with pleasure.

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