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December 2016
electric car rental - pictureEvery day more and more people prefer electric car. The new technologies have raised automobile to a new level, it has been declared all-out war to a gasoline engines. A lot of people prefer electric cars because of environmental friendliness. Today, the vehicles with an electric motor give a big plus because of small fuel costs, only some 7 UAH per 100 kilometers.
The manufacturers increased the developing of the batteries capacity and as a result, the range of driven distance increased on a single battery charge.
One of the most popular models of electric cars in the world and Ukraine are Nissan Leaf and Tesla. Our fleet is represented by car Nissan Leaf, which you can rent from 1 day to an unlimited number of days. The rental price is from 30 USD to 65 USD for 1 day. The car charging time is 5 hours, trip distance on one charge is 170-230 km. The car has a full security package (air bags, the best results in crash tests) and a set of comfort (power steering, automatic transmission, climate control).
To order the electric car just present driving license and passport, pay deposit and payment for the rental. Our staff will give you instructions on the use of electric car and you can have a great time with a new generation of driving.
To order services or hire an electric cars in Ukraine, please contact our offices or call (+38) 067-644-6-555, (+38) 067-522-6-555, (+38) 056-373-73-73.
If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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