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Car Rental in Kherson

Car rental in Kherson is widely spread. The city itself is not big and if you are going to examine the whole Kherson for one day using the public transport, you will not be able to do it.

You want to save some time? Take a car for a rent in Kherson.

The cost

Car rental in Kherson will cost you from $13,50/day. You can count on this sum if you rent a car of economy class for 30 days and even more.

Useful advice: Pay the cost of car rental online on the web-site and you will get 10% discount on the car. It means that you pay only 90% of the car rental cost.

7 situations when insurance company does not pay you

We recommend you to get acquainted with the frequent situations why the insurance company will not pay you:

  1. Leaving the place of road-traffic accident;
  2. Being drunk, or under any drug influence;
  3. Taking the medicines that lower reaction;
  4. Driving on the red sign of traffic light;
  5. Taking part in the races or providing with the taxi services;
  6. Water hammer, the water gets into the engine;
  7. And the situation when you did not call into insurance company and did not tell about road traffic accident.

3 reasons to make a trip to Kherson

  1. Saving money – the question “Where to go having a limited budget” in Kherson is not relevant as Kherson is available for those who has a tight budget. The city will make you happy with its low prices.
  2. Unique wonder of nature – In Kherson you can as swim in a sea, so being on Sivash Lake that is considered being “Ukrainian Dead Sea”. The salt concentration reaches its peak here so that the water just pushes you away. But be careful, keep your face away from the water. Askaniya Nova biosphere reserve opens its doors for everybody who wants to look at the animals in the natural habitat.
  3. And just a great weather – on the South of Ukraine where Kherson is located it early gets warm and gets cold – late. Winters here are not so cold as in other parts of Ukraine. There is also much more sun.
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