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Car rental service in Crimea

January 2017

Прокат автомобиля в КрымуTired of working days, many of us dream of a quiet holiday at the seaside. To go with friends or family in the Crimea, it became easier. Whatever Ukrainian city you are stay, you can always book a car rental for us.

We have created a large number of programs pick up your car and return to any point in Ukraine. Now, you can order a car from your homeplace, and go to the Crimea with your family. Simply select the vehicle class and the car will be served to your porch at exactly the time you specify.

Even if you have already bought tickets to Crimea, we can deliver a car to the airport, bus station, railway station or to the address indicated in Crimea. You will always meet our managers, regardless of time of day. With the shuttle service, you can not worry if your flight is delayed for any reason. We always wait for you and will issue car.

Car rental in Crimea has a number of benefits your family vacation. You can visit all the resort towns of Crimea go on any excursion. Want to climb the mountain Ai-Petri, please you do not have to stand in line for the lift for several hours.

Taking a car rental from us, you will get not only the vehicle, but also guaranteed to get a lot of pleasure from our company service. We tried for our customers to make their vacation easier.

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