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Car rental in Mykolaiv

Race car rental company offers its services not only in the biggest cities of Ukraine. Car rental is also available in Mykolaiv. So, when you come to Mykolaiv and leave the bus / train, you will not suffer from heat / cold (it depends on the time of the year).

Rent a car at race, 5 services, that Race offers:

  • Additional service – car rental with a driver, if you are tired from your trips from one city to another / after work or you just do not want to concentrate on the road – you will be able to have a rest till you get to your destination.
  • Unlimited mileage – it is also an additional service that lets you drive even 24/7 and do not pay for additional kilometers that are not included in the cost of car rental.
  • Car rental without deposit – you just order additional insurance cover and, if you get into road traffic accident, you will have zero deductible – it means that the insurance company will pay for everything.
  • Any car from any class – have you not seen our fleet yet? It must make you impressed (in a positive sense)!
  • Working 24/7/365 – at any time of a year or a day we are ready to provide you with a car when you need it.
  • Useful advice: pay the whole sum of order online and get 10% discount on the car rental.

    work 24/7/365

    Not only tourists but also local people may need car rental services.

    5 reasons why you need to rent a car:

  • For business trips – are you coming to Mykolaiv for this reason? The car will make you much more mobile and you will be able to make more than you have planned.
  • For a trip to your relatives – if they live in the country, you can visit them on a rented car.
  • For a test-drive – to make sure that you need exactly this model of the car.
  • For car replacement – if you cannot drive your own car for this or that reason, we are always ready to help you in this situation.
  • And just to save some money and instead of buying a car – take it for a rent.
  • test drive race

    Useful advice: if you take a car in Mykolaiv you can drive to other cities and travel on the whole territory of Ukraine with an exception of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

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