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Car Rental in Poltava

Car rental in Polatava is an ordinary thing and it is not “an expensive toy” for millionaires. This is one of the ways of moving that can have many people because:

Places of interest in Poltava


Have a walk on the round square. It is located in the center of Poltava city and its diameter is 375 miles. The square looks like the sun, and eight streets are like the rays. It was built in classic style of the 19th century.


It is unknown when the village was built, the first mention of it refers to 1658. Dykanka is located in Polatava region. It bears the name of the first settlers last name – Dykan. According to another version, the village is named in honor of wild forests around it.


The village Opyshnya is the main center of pottery in Ukraine. It is located in 40 kilometers from Poltava city, the pottery made there is famous for the whole world and the best Ukrainian museums (and museums of other countries) have it.

Where to stay in Poltava

There are as hotel so hostels in Poltava. Your choice depends on your budget for the trip.

Univer Hostel

Location: Sokolova alley, 15

Price: from 100 to 280 hryvnias/day

The rooms in the hostel are for 2-8 persons. The hostel is located near the railway station. The kitchen, bathrooms and internet – all these the hostel Univer can offer you.

Mini-hotel Sinay

Location: Zelenkovskaya Street 11/31

Price: from 250 to 300 hryvnias/day

Mini-hotel is located on the first floor of the house. The rooms have all accommodations you need.

Rent a car at Race Company

The car rental company Race offers you a wide offer of the car for rent. It is worth to rent a car at this company because:

Rent a car, make a choice for Race

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