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Car Rental in Rivne

How to rent a car in Rivne

Do you want to travel in Rivne with comfort? This way book a car in advance before you arrive at Rivne so that the company manager will meet you with a car you have chosen.

You do not have to pay 100% prepayment. The money for the car rental and the deposit you can give to the company manager when you meet him.

A beneficial offer

However, you may pay the whole sum of order online and you can get 10% deposit. It means that you pay not 100% of the sum of the order, but only 90% of them.

Booking the exact car model

When you book a car, you can choose a car class, gearbox and the car model. But the booking is extended to the car class and gearbox. So, you pay not 100% of order but only 90%.

Take everything you can

It refers to the additional services such as navigator, child booster, etc. – take them from your own home. If you have them, why take them for a rent?

According to the car rental companies rule, you have the right to do this.

Visiting Rivne

Rivne is worth visiting at least to:

onel lubvi Rovno

What Race can offer you

Be more mobile. Rent a car at Race.

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