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How much cost 1 km of run on your car

December 2016

стоимость проката

Over a number of things we do not believe in life, and if you begin to think in practical terms, then immediately persecuted by these thoughts.

Our task today is to evaluate the rental cost and compare it with the price you pay for your own car. And so it is better to buy a car or to take it for rent? Speaking globally - it is better to buy a car, but in the long run it is not so.

The purpose of writing this article was that the consumer appeal to our company with the request that the payment of a re-run of the car set as 1 UAH. Per 1 km - it is very expensive. We will try to prove to you the value of the example of your own car. RACE car rental appreciates your money and does not write to the ceiling price, we know a lot about rental cars and choose the best for you at the best price.

Is car rental service expensive or not?

For example, take a car worth 25 000 US dollars - Honda Civic with automatic gearbox, standard equipment.

You bought the car for 25,000 US dollars, ie at today's exchange rate is 25 000 * 8.1 = 202 500 UAH.

By car, we will use it for 5 years, will pass on it 90 000 km, ie, very little - 22 500 km per year - and if you bought the car foryour wife - and even less.

Calculation of costs

The cost of registration in police is about 7500 UAH.
Tinted + car alarm 2 000 UAH.
Tires (for five years as a minimum set of winter and summer set in size 205/55/16) 8000 UAH. 2 sets (taking Kumho tires - inexpensive, but not cheap)
CDW insurance 5% each year five years 5 * 10125 = 50625 UAH.
TPL insurance - over five years 5 * 600 = 3000 UAH.
The cost of regular maintenance (6 TO) is about 8000 UAH. (minimum)
Seasonal changes of tires 2 times a year (100 UAH.) 1000 UAH.
Removing cars from registration, examination, payment of sales tax in the amount of 1% of the peer review 1700 UAH. (about)

After 5 years, we sell the car market price of 15 000 US dollars. Really, you can submit a car for 13 000 - 14 000 USD. We are idealists, and say that the car you sold at the best price in 15 000 US dollars, ie 15 000 * 8.1 = 121 500 UAH.

We believe: The total cost of the car with regular MOT and all payments over 5 years amounted to 202 500 + 7500 + 2000 + 8000 + 50 625 + 3000 + 8000 + 1000 + 1700 = 284,325 UAH.

Total loss of money is 284 325 UAH. (Total cost of the car) minus the number of cars you sold 121 500 UAH. = 162 825 UAH.

Mileage cost

For 90 000 kilometers in 5 years you have managed in 162 825 UAH., and how much time is 1 km run ??? - 162 825/90 000 = 1 UAH. 81 cents.

The cost of 1 km of run on your Honda Civic is 1 UAH. 81 cents excluding:

  • petrol
  • Contingencies (a new battery, tire cut ......)
  • Unforeseen maintenance
  • replacement wipers
  • others

Consumption of fuel in the car: 10.5 liters - the city, 5.5 L - track, mixed cycle - 7.5 liters per 100 km, then 1 km you will spend even 0. 75 UAH.

Then the cost of 1 km of running your car with gasoline cars wear without contingencies, replace the battery, wipers will cost UAH 2. 56 UAH per 1 km.

Taxi fare is 2. 50 UAH - 3 UAH. per 1 kilometer, which even includes driver services.

Is it cheaper to take a taxi or rent a car?

But you still buy a car!!! Why????

It's just a convenient!!! This is cool!!! It's my favorite cars!!!

So rent a car - it's convenient and with reasonably priced. After all, we spend the same UAH 1. 81 per 1 km or more. We have a bunch of unexpected expenses - drivers ride different, we pay for advertising, for offices, staff salaries.

Now they think that UAH 1 per kilometer is expensive??? It's less than the cost price!

We would be very grateful if you have realized - we wait for your comments and remarks.

If you find an inaccuracy in our article or we did not indicate any information of interest to you, write to us.
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