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What to see in the Ternopil region

You have some free time and you do not mind a ride on the territory of Ukraine. It turned out that your trip goes through the Ternopil region. Here we describe some of the interesting places of the area, if you have time, we suggest you be sure to visit these historical monuments.

Visit Kremenets.

City Kremenets is located at the foot of the mountains Kremenetsky, very picturesque.

It is good to visit a Kremenets fortress, landmarks of 8 - 9 century in Kremenets. It is good to visit the Cathedral of St. Nicholas built in 1636, the Franciscan Monastery. It is very interesting to drive and wander through the streets of this wonderful historic city as Kremenets.

Bilokrynytsya (white pit) in the Ternopil region

Bilokrynytsya is just 5 km from Kremenets, having a car here is very easy to get this some 10-15 minutes and you are there.

Visit the castle In Bilokrynytsya, which is an architectural monument of the 16th century and went a long history up to complete destruction. It is also worth to visit the Church of St. John the Divine in Bilokrynytsya, which is also a monument of architecture and was built in 1890.

замки тернополя

билокрыныця тернополь

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